About Aged Carer Experience

My Ma didn’t come with an instruction manual!  I’ve been caring for my Ma for the last few years.  With each new health issue or problem I encounter I search for answers… I have not always been successful in getting answers and have ‘Googled’ my little heart out trying.

Unfortunately some health issues I’ve only learnt about the hard way.  So, I decided to write about my experiences in caring for her in the hope that other carer’s may find the answers they’re searching for in my experiences.  If I can help anybody else in their journey in caring for their loved one this blog will be worthwhile

I will be writing posts on:

  • Urinary Tract Infections and the elderly:  why all the confusion?
  • Incontinence and the search for the perfect pad!
  • Anaesthetic and delirium:  why don’t they tell us about what to expect?
  • Hospitisation
  • Tips for making sure things run smoothly (or as smoothly as they can)
  • Juggling work, caring and A LIFE!!

And many more…

These are just my experiences and what I have learnt along the way.


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