Recipes with Ma

My Ma was a heck of a cook in her day, experimenting with international dishes and filling us kids with the most wonderful food imaginable.  Dad was a baker by trade with the bakehouse being in the family for over 100 years.  Dad kept a full vege patch and friends in their circle shared a multitude of other fruits and vegetables.  Between the two of them they raised money for the community through jams, pickles and cooking.

I thought I’d place some of the recipes that Ma and I have shared over the last few years as well as some great high fibre ones… stay tuned.’

It’s funny, I was mentioning the idea of recipes to Ma and she encouraged me to share them with you.  She told me she thought that there were a lot of elderly people out there that didn’t eat properly… How very true, not only does your taste go as you get older, but if you are by yourself, preparing food can be a real chore.  Especially when the food you want to buy comes in larger quantities than one person can use or is more expensive if you buy a smaller amount.  I’m sure Ma will help me sort out the best ones.


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