On the seventh day, the plot was lost once more

After a week of Ma being mostly normal not counting the story she tells of being nearly drowned and burnt to death in hospital… At 1pm, things went pear shaped once more.

After her ‘clean out’ at the hospital, Ma has been having daily bowel incontinence culminating in yesterday when we had the Taj Mahal of bowel movements.  After ringing the doctor for the third day in a row, I had to get a sample and then give her some stoppage medicine.  The stench is enough to singe the hair in my nostrils!  Rotten eggs have nothing on this.  The toilet now needs a plumber as it’s unable to cope with the volume (I don’t flush the wet wipes or disinfectant wipes).

So after having pretty sane conversations for 7 days and minimal hallucinations she is now back to packing her stuff up and waiting for me to take us home.  She is also crying and can’t understand why I don’t understand what she is asking.

As usual, I’m second guessing myself:

  • Is it the bowel impaction removal which we’ve stopped too soon?
  • Is it a UTI from all of the bowel accidents?
  • Or is it the return of what she had previously? (still no diagnosis!!!)

I’m the worst daughter in the world again.  I try to let her do her own thing when she is like this because everything I say to her just upsets her.  I really don’t know what to say to make it better.  I can’t offer to take her home because I don’t know where that is.  Her possessions are all around her yet she things they are at her other home.  She packs everything up and sits amongst it all just waiting for me to fix it.

I wish I could.


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