Ma’s Poem

How much did Ma love me?
Let me count the ways
She loved me for my many faults
And my few endearing ways
She’d scold me when I was naughty
And praise me when I was good
She loved me, no matter what
When I thought nobody could.

The lessons that she taught me
Of never giving up,
Of stubbornness she suffered,
For without it she’d have stopped.
The pain she long suffered
It dogged her night and day
She pushed on regardless
And lived her life her way.

The memories that she gave me
The laughter and the fun
With lots of bubbles in her glass
And her sweet tooth bar none
Dessert she had for dinner
When nothing else would do
No balanced dinner for my Ma
It was jelly, custard and a pud or two.

I promised her I’d be ok
When she was leaving me
When thing’s are bad I tell her still
I’ll be ok, you see
I am my mother’s daughter
It’s what I’m proud to be.
I am my mother’s daughter
She’s the reason why I’m me.

So I’ll lift a glass of remembrance
And toast her till I’m numb
And remember all the times we had
And all the things we’ve done.
So many happy memories
Of times we shared together
I’ll treasure them all my days
Until we are together.


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